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Email,and in the header please write "CUSTOM" 

In your email please leave me a detailed message on the idea you have, some charms you're interested in (IE: moons, stars, skulls, etc) so that I can start sourcing you charm ideas and email photos of them back to you for you too pick.  If you can also include some photo inspirations you have  for your chain that will help me a lot. 

(If you're unsure of an exact style you want and want me to have creative freedom to make you something one of one then I can 100% design you something as well.)

***Please end email with the budget you have to spend so that I can source materials within your price range. The higher the budget the higher quality of charms, but regardless we can make something beautiful with any budget that won't fall apart or turn green on you :)

$10 & Under: New Collection
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