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Q: Can I wear your chains in the shower?

A: Technically, yes. Don't let my low pricing scare you. I source materials that are water resistant (meaning they don't turn green) however for the longevity of your necklace I'd recommend taking them off so they last longer. Overtime the chemicals in shower water can start too slowly chip away at your chain causing it to lose shine. If you're lazy here and there before a shower, or decide to go swimming when you're drunk and don't take them off don't worry you're good but with most items in life (jewelry and even non jewelry), it's just smarter to not have them saturated in water all of the time.

Q: Why are you always sold out?!

A:  So, the way I sell my  items is in the form of "drops" or "collectables". Every few months I come out with a new style of collectable chains that people are able to order from me too add to their buidable hunny set.  The reason I do this is for a few reasons. 95% of the charms I use are made custom in warehouse, so it's easier for me and the charm creator to do things in bulk. It also keeps things exciting for me and the buyers, so that I can work on designing new items and keeping things fresh instead of recycling the same chain over and over. That being said, if you see a chain you like in stock during a drop, it's best to purchase it that day because it wont come around again for maybe months. However,  I keep my custom name chains in stock year around, which are great starter pieces to own for layering sets- then as my drops happen throughout the year you can collect more items for your chain set! 


Q: Do you take custom orders?


A: Yes, I take five customs at the first of each month. These fill up quickly, so please reach out to me by one of the methods listed on the "contact & help" page. I work with all budgets, and ideas as well as I will let allow you too order an old chain that is currently sold out from older drops- with customs you are allowed to create or make whatever you would like. However, please note that all customs come with a 25$ custom fee so if you decide to purchase an older sold out chain set, it will not be the same price as it was during the drop due to prices being more expensive for me since I am not making chains in bulk. 

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