wait times change with the influx of orders, *your wait could also be as little as 1 week, depending on what item you order. Just message me on the !chat box! if you need to know a wait time before ordering and I can tell you. please make sure too include which chain you plan on ordering. give me 1-2 days to reply to you.

** If you need an order quickly for an event or travel , I can work with you for an upgraded shipping fee. Please message pink chat box.**

Q: I received my tracking but it's been saying "pre-transit" for a few days now?

A: Don't be alarmed, this is common. It is either 1. awaiting to update in usps system, or 2, I've created your label and I'm currently working on your order still. This is highly common if you ordered more than two items, I like to print your order out and have it infront of me so I can finish it up. Sometimes with this, I will have all of your items made, except 1 and am just waiting on supplies to finish up your last item before shipment.

**If your tracking hasn't updated in over 7 BUSINESS days (excludes sat, and sunday) then this is when you need to reach out to me in the pink chat box! A week is not common, so there is either a mix up with USPS or an issue with your order and I haven't gotten a response from you. Sometimes I've noticed when I reach out to buyers via email, they don't respond to me probably due to being sorted into junk folder. 

Q: Can I wear your chains in the shower?

A: Technically, yes. Don't let my low pricing scare you. I source materials that are water resistant (meaning they don't turn green) however for the longevity of your necklace I'd recommend taking them off so they last longer. Overtime the chemicals in shower water can start too slowly chip away at your chain causing it to lose shine. If you're lazy here and there before a shower, or decide to go swimming when you're drunk and don't take them off don't worry you're good but with most items in life (jewelry and even non jewelry), it's just smarter to not have them saturated in water all of the time.

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